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Stack Exchange sign up log in tour about us meta Stack Exchange All Sites Top Users Newsletters Blogs Stack Exchange Q&A communities are different. Here's how: Expert communities. Each of our 150 communities is built by people passionate about a focused topic. The right answer. Right on top. Experts like you can vote on posts, so the most helpful answers are easy to find. Share knowledge. Earn trust. Earn reputation and additional privileges for posts others find helpful. Learn more hot real-time What is the smallest positive base 10 integer that can be printed by a program shorter (in characters)
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  • [H1] Stack Exchange
  • [H2] What is the smallest positive base 10 integer that can be printed by a program shorter (in characters) than itself?
  • [H2] Why isn't the system identifiable using only BB-8's map?
  • [H2] Why would SQL Server ignore an index?
  • [H2] What to remember when supervising female PhD students?
  • [H2] To what extent is it acceptable to think of C++ pointers as memory addresses?
  • [H2] How can I move a one ton gem out of Undermountain?
  • [H2] Why didn't they just shoot him?
  • [H2] Would relatively primitive people really confuse technology with magic?
  • [H2] Test answer rejected for saying more than asked for
  • [H2] Electrostatic potential of a simple system
  • [H2] Genetically engineered de-evolution
  • [H2] Does upgrading Ubuntu kernel change its release name?
  • [H2] Why don't planes use pulsejets?
  • [H2] What's a half on the clock?
  • [H2] Single word for old and many-times-seen content
  • [H2] Is physical security less important now for securing a server?
  • [H2] “==” in case of String concatenation in Java
  • [H2] The indefinite article when we mention something for the first time
  • [H2] Why is ipv6 adoption higher at weekends?
  • [H2] Which Disney Princesses did not make the cut?
  • [H2] Is the given voltage Peak Voltage or RMS Voltage
  • [H2] When/How should a class load biblatex
  • [H2] example of a relation that is symmetric and transitive, but not reflexive
  • [H2] How do I make educational games engaging not boring?
  • [H2] Why does an acid anhydride have two infra-red stretching frequencies
  • [H2] How many times was Obi-Wan less than honest with Luke?
  • [H2] Head is to decapitate as arm is to what?
  • [H2] Is it reasonable to force a website to be available from just one tab at a time?
  • [H2] How can we be certain that the lower components of computer programming like compilers, assemblers, machine instructions, etc are flawless?
  • [H2] Why was the Force Ghost scene altered in the 2004 DVD version of Return of the Jedi?
  • [H3] Stack Exchange Q&A communities are different. Here's how:
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